Does Wearing Glasses Help Prevent COVID-19?

Does Wearing Glasses Help Prevent COVID-19?

People who wear glasses are up to three times less likely to spread to spread COVID-19. A new study from India says that wearing spectacles reduces the frequency of folks touching or rubbing their eyes.

According to The National Interest, the abstract of the study, which has not been peer reviewed, stated that “the risk of COVID-19 was 2-3 times less in spectacles wearing population than the population not wearing those. The nasolacrimal duct may be a route of virus transmission.”

The nasolacrimal duct, also called the tear duct, carries tears from the eye into the nasal cavity. Another Chinese study last fall found that people who wear glasses had a lower rate of hospitalization from COVID-19.

Dr. Thomas Steinemann, clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), issued a statement  on this topic in January.

“It’s a provocative and fascinating study. But in the scheme of things, this is a small portion of the population,” he said, referring to the fact that the Indian study included only 304 participants. “We’d require a much larger study before making any conclusions about whether wearing glasses really does mean people are touching their eyes less often, and therefore decreasing infection rates.”

The AAO said that COVID-19 can spread through the eyes when an infected person coughs or sneezes near your eye or if you touch an infected object before touching your eye.

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