John McLaughlin to Newsmax: Trump Sweeping Traditional Dem Vote Blocs

Pollster John McLaughlin told Newsmax on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump’s campaign, for whom he and his brother Jim’s firm McLaughlin and Associates works, is systematically breaking down voting coalitions that Democrats have relied so heavily upon to win elections.

“The strategy within the Trump campaign was to try to take apart the old Biden-Obama coalition,” McLaughlin told “American Agenda.” “The fact that we’re holding up with over one-fifth, maybe a quarter of the African American vote. We’re winning 4 out of 10 Hispanic voters, if not winning the Hispanic vote outright. We’ve made gains among women. We’ve made gains among suburban women. And younger voters.

“We’re taking apart the legs of the Democrat coalition and creating a brand-new working-class coalition that’s broadening to all across the country, the Sunbelt, the Rust Belt into a majority coalition that can elect Donald Trump.”

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