Newsmax Rising Bestsellers – Week of May 22, 2023

Mother’s Day may have been a week ago, but the celebration of Mom continues. This week’s nonfiction selections tell stories — some humorous, some heartbreaking — of mothers from all walks of life. The week’s non-fiction selection continues the theme in a sequel of the bestseller, “Where Are the Children?” The Frank Sinatra classic, “My Way,” could have been the musical version of another choice, this one depicting one man’s unusual rise in the world of journalism. And sports fans can learn how a star athlete and television commentator became a champion at both endeavors. A second sport selection suggests that, like books, one should judge by cover or reputation.

The Ball in the Air: A Golfing Adventure,” by Michael Bamberger (Avid Reader Press / Simon & Schuster)

After writing for years about professional golf and professional golfers for the Fire Pit Collective, Michael Bamberger, described by Golf Magazine as “the poet laureate of golf,” turns his attention to the game as it’s played and enjoyed by most people — the rank amateurs. He writes that golf, “despite its elitist reputation, levels playing fields as few sports do.” “Somewhat awkward at first, the narrative eventually takes on a crisp, smooth rhythm, sparkling with details, as Bamberger goes deeper into each person’s life,” writes Kirkus Reviews. “The author provides more details than some readers will want, but the stories are heartwarming and affecting.” (Nonfiction)

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