Poll: Dems’ Popularity With Latinos Waning, Compared to Previous Elections

A new national poll reveals that, in advance of the Nov. 8 midterm elections, Latino voters favor Democratic Party congressional candidates over Republicans by a substantial margin — albeit less than previous election cycles.

For the NBC News/Telemundo survey, which chronicled the English- and Spanish-speaking responses of 1,000 Latino registered voters over a 10-day span (Sept. 17-26), 54% say they prefer Democrats to control Congress moving forward, compared to 33% wanting the Republicans in charge.

The Democrats’ 21-point lead may be significant, but it’s also tangibly less than similar Latino-based, pre-election polls from previous years — such as October 2020 (26 percentage points), November 2018 (34 points), October 2016 (38 points), and October 2012 (42 points).

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