Rubio Fears Russian Attack on NATO Over Nuke Threat

The risks are higher now than they were a month ago that Russian President Vladimir Putin could order the use of a tactical nuclear weapon against Ukraine, Sen. Marco Rubio acknowledged Sunday, but he said his “bigger fear” is that Putin could order an attack on a NATO ally. 

“If he decides that the NATO arming and the European arming is causing him not to just lose his war and undermine his grip on power, but perhaps threatening his own forces inside of Russia, I think it’s quite possible that he could end up striking some of these distribution places where these supplies are coming through, including inside Poland,” the Florida Republican said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

He added that Ukraine is on a path to regaining territory seized by Russia after the February invasion, and while he can’t say how much Ukraine will advance, the bigger issue is that “there is no way for Russia and Putin to win this war or any of their objectives.” 

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