Sen. Cotton: Book’s Claims About Gen. Milley Seem ‘Somewhat Farfetched’

Claims made in a new book that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley told China that he’d warn them about an impending attack if orders were given during the late days of the Trump presidency, and that he’d worked behind the scenes to usurp the former president’s powers, seem “somewhat farfetched,” Sen. Tom Cotton said Wednesday. 

“This book raises some serious concerns,” the Arkansas Republican told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” about “Peril,” which is journalist Bob Woodward’s third book about former President Donald Trump’s time in office.

“Gen. Milley and [Defense] Secretary [Lloyd] Austin are going to be testifying in front of Congress in just a few days,” Cotton added.” We will address those concerns. We don’t want to jump to conclusions yet but we will certainly vet them and see exactly what happened.” 

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