Silencing Speech: The Left’s Latest Attempt To Abolish the First Amendment

Silencing Speech: The Left’s Latest Attempt To Abolish the First Amendment

It has been said that the trouble with free speech is that so few Americans, particularly progressives, support it nowadays, but I disagree with that premise. It’s not that the left is against free speech, most of them are absolutely for it so long as they agree with what’s being said.

Last year, the New York Times, once hailed as an establishment of journalism, published an op-ed from a staff writer who argued we must rethink the First Amendment to allow the federal government to police hate speech. That attitude has helped lead the mainstream media and liberal parties down a dangerous path of now wanting to silence those they disagree with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning hate speech, but when we begin to ban or police speech (even speech we abhor), we simultaneously forfeit freedoms, and in turn offer the party in power the right to be the ultimate determinant of that which is approved we speech. Once we go down this road, there may be no turning back.

This process of limiting speech already seems to be in-action, even by those who should be protecting it the most. Recently, the caretakers of the English language, Merriam-Webster, seemingly influenced by politics, changed the meaning of the words “sexual preference” to being defined as “offensive,” likely to embarrass then-Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett during her confirmation hearing. Most recently, we’ve seen the Biden administration, allow more ambivalence in the law, pushing to change the term “illegal alien” to “non-citizen”. While this sterilization of language appears gentle, it is no less lethal to free speech.

Now, there are calls to cancel entire news organizations – yes, not only is the left wanting to cancel free-speech, but they also want to do away with freedom of the press, because if you’re going to eliminate one part of the First Amendment, why not push for more? Certain organizations are now all in the crosshairs of the no-tolerance left as radical progressives who have infiltrated Congress are pushing to have these non-leftists thought de-platformed. Many want conservative views to have no place to exercise their rights to free speech.

Last week, House Democrats held hearings and called for private industries to remove media companies they didn’t like.

Yes, that’s what your elected leaders in government are working on right now.

They still haven’t gotten that emergency COVID aid out, still haven’t significantly ramped up production of the current vaccines, or tackled unemployment, homelessness, immigration, or other pressing issues to our nation. That’s because instead of doing what they were elected to do, they would rather see to it that you aren’t exposed to a thought that they can’t control.

These same House Democrats who are regularly praised by news organizations such as NBC, CBS, and CNN now want to go on the offensive, both for these networks’ behalf and their own. Don’t kid yourself, ratings and control are their objectives. Too many Americans are looking outside of the “mainstream” narrative to get information, and so these left-leaning networks are calling on their friendlies in Congress to squash the competition, and by doing so, eliminate any outlets of critical progressive ideals.

And there’s the actual priority.

No matter how they try to present themselves, Democrats in Congress in collusion (there I said it) with mainstream media news outlets are actively working to abolish the First Amendment.

Voltaire was thought to have said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

Well, here we are.

The fourth estate and Democrats have deemed that you are not allowed to question them, their motives, their data, or their methods.

I personally don’t agree with everything guests and commentators have to say on my preferred TV networks, but I also don’t disagree with everything said on others. I do; however, appreciate burgeoning outlets willingness to cover stories that legacy networks won’t touch. How can one form their own opinions, or conduct their own research via conversation if they are denied a topic or information?

Communist China and other like nations control the narrative by silencing their critics…is that what we want here in the United States?

Sadly, it seems that many now in government do want that.

While the left can claim they are not trying to end free speech, their actions tell the truth.

Defense of free speech begins at the point where people say something they can’t stand. If you can’t defend their right to say it, then you don’t believe in free speech after all.

eth Denson is a Business & Market Analyst, Author and Entrepreneur. He co-founded one of the nation’s most successful consulting firms and authored the best-selling book, “The Cure: A Blueprint for Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis,” which takes a deep dive into the business structure of our U.S. health care system and how we can reform it while maintaining our free market. As a regular on-camera contributor, Seth has garnered a national presence discussing a range of topics including business and economics, politics, faith and fatherhood. Originally from West Texas but with international business experience, Seth’s “no-bull” approach blends metropolitan thinking with good old-fashioned Texas straight talk. Read Seth Denson’s Reports —? More Here.

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