Stephen Moore: With Vax, Economy, Trump Will Leave Office ‘Triumphant’

Stephen Moore: With Vax, Economy, Trump Will Leave Office ‘Triumphant’

With a COVID-19 vaccine imminent and the economic outlook promising, President Donald Trump will leave the Oval Office  “triumphant,” economist and adviser Stephen Moore says.

In an interview with radio host John Catsimatidis on WABC 770 AM airing Sunday, aired ahead of the broadcast by The Hill, Moore compared Trump to Winston Churchill, who was Britain’s prime minister in WWII but lost the election in 1945.

“The voters dumped Churchill a couple of times. And he kept coming back,” Moore said.

“Trump does not need to… put his tail between his legs,” Moore said. “If [Joe] Biden is the one who’s pronounced the winner, I think Trump goes out in a triumphant, [a] Douglas MacArthur kind of exit.”

Moore said the economy and a coronavirus vaccine are showing positive signs for the nation’s future.

“I think [Trump] is going to leave the office triumphant … By early next year we will have a vaccine that nobody thought was possible,” he said, The Hill reported.

And he said it was “not probable but possible” that the nation “could actually end up with the economy in positive territory from where it was a year ago.”

The economist noted Bureau of Labor statistics showing the unemployment rate down to 6.9% in October from its more than 14% peak is “an amazing comeback.”

“I’m going to call this the greatest economic comeback in American history,” Moore said. “And it continues to roll on … It’s just astonishing.”

In the wake of new vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna with or at near 95% efficacy rates, the stock market bounded.

“This is an incredible tribute to Operation Warp Speed. There’s no way Joe Biden would have been able to do this,” Moore said, adding the effort “will save hundreds of thousands of American lives and may be tens of millions of lives around the world.”

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