Study: DNA Shows Greenland Was Warm 2M Years Ago

Ancient DNA discovered in Greenland’s permafrost reveals a warmer, lush landscaping existed there 2 million years ago, according to a study by researchers at the University of Copenhagen.

“The record shows an open boreal forest ecosystem with mixed vegetation of poplar, birch and thuja trees, as well as a variety of Arctic and boreal shrubs and herbs, many of which had not previously been detected at the site from macrofossil and pollen records,” researchers said in their paper published in the Nature journal.

“The DNA record confirms the presence of hare and mitochondrial DNA from animals including mastodons, reindeer, rodents and geese, all ancestral to their present-day and late Pleistocene relatives. The presence of marine species including horseshoe crab and green algae support a warmer climate than today.”

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