Tech Magnate Leaving San Francisco for Florida

Tech Magnate Leaving San Francisco for Florida

In the latest sign of economic trouble for Silicon Valley, Bay Area tech entrepreneur Keith Rabois is leaving San Francisco for the state of Florida.

“I think San Francisco is just so massively improperly run and managed that it’s impossible to stay here,” Rabois told Fortune magazine.

Rabois is a startup executive for the likes of PayPal, Square, and LinkedIn. He is “moving imminently” from the area, finding it “impossible to stay,” after calling it home for two decades, per the report.

“COVID sort of masks this stuff,” he added to Fortune. “It’s not quite as obvious where people are moving to, and if they’ve actually moved since everybody’s working remotely.”

Rebois’ Twitter stream is littered with retweets of the exodus and snarky comments rebuking San Francisco.

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