Whitaker to Newsmax: Biden, Trump Docs Cases ‘Similar’

Former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case is “much more similar” to the case investigated against President Joe Biden than the mainstream media suggests, and Americans know that is why the matter has been dropped against Biden, former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said on Newsmax Sunday. 

“Nobody was ever going to charge Joe Biden and so they had to find an explanation for that,” Whitaker told Newsmax’s “Sunday Report,” while commenting on special counsel Robert Hur’s report concluding that a jury would view Biden as an elderly man with memory problems rather than as a criminal defendant. 

“It’s very obvious that special counsel Hur and his team determined that you know this sympathetic defendant would be the best possible defense as to why they wouldn’t bring these charges,” said Whitaker. “I think it raises so many more questions, because obviously if it would have been brought in either Delaware or D.C., those would be very generous jury pools for Joe Biden and people on the left.”

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