Lee Greenwood to Newsmax: Special Airing Saturday Helped Vets

Country music legend Lee Greenwood, who is celebrating 40 years of his hit song “God Bless the USA” this year, told Newsmax he’s looking forward to the special airing only on the network this weekend celebrating his career, and that money raised during the recording of the program enabled the Helping Heroes charity to award two homes to veterans.

“It’s really special for me to be able to do that,” Greenwood told Newsmax’s “Newsline.” “We’re really honored to have Newsmax air this amazing special, celebrating my 40-year career. I have worked for charity causes for my entire career.”

Newsmax is airing a special concert — “Lee Greenwood: God Bless the U.S.A.” — featuring the acclaimed singer and major celebrities, premiering at 8 p.m. EST Saturday and re-airing at 9 p.m. Sunday and 4 p.m. on Memorial Day. 

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