Napolitano to Newsmax: Jurors in Trump’s N.Y. Case Must Disregard News

Retired New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano told Newsmax on Friday that as friends and family gather on Memorial Day weekend, it will be difficult for jurors in former President Donald Trump’s New York paperwork trial to disregard things they might hear.

“They’re human beings,” Napolitano said on “Wake Up America.” “Every judge gives this admonition every time the jury leaves the courthouse, and every judge thinks to herself or himself, Hmm, would I follow these rules? Would I never turn on the television, not watch Newsmax? I mean, they’re human beings. You walk by a newsstand, you see the headlines in the New York Post. You’re obviously drawn to this stuff.

“It’s one of the reasons that I’ve been saying that the former president has very astutely, even brilliantly, testified without getting on the witness stand by the comments he makes every time he goes into or leaves the courtroom. Those are arguments — ‘This is the wrong case. It shouldn’t be in this courthouse. I’m victimized by politics — that his lawyers will not even be able to make to the jury, and he’s making them to the jury. So, you have to rely on jurors who hear this stuff to put it out of their brain and resolve it just on the basis of the evidence.”

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